Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire


Thank you for taking the time to fill out this short questionnaire. Whilst it is important to get feedback from customers such as yourselves, this form actually forms part of my sons course work and he would like to thank you too.

Kyle Spiers Controlled Assessment (CA) -Task 4
"Which is the most important method used by your chosen business to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction?"

What you put in this questionnaire may be used in the CA I have chosen. You do not have to put a name or company name on the questionnaire.
(If you would like to put a name, or your site address onto this questionnaire please do so here)

Thank you.

Stoke Web Services Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

How did you learn of this business (Stoke Web Services)(if other please specify in the box provided)?

How many times have you used the business (Stoke Web Services)?
OnceTwo or threeFour or fiveSix or more

Why have you used the business so many times? / Why are you a repeat customer of Stoke Web Services?

How satisfied are you with the business (Stoke Web Services)?
Not satisfiedBarely SatisfiedSatisfiedVery Satisfied

Have you ever used any other business that provides the same services as Stoke Web Services?

Why did you decide to move away from them (the other business) to Stoke Web Services? (Please add any issues with the business)

How would you improve the satisfaction provided by the business (Stoke Web Services)?

What would you say was the most important aspect of the business (Stoke Web Services) at providing customer satisfaction to you (e.g. very convenient) and if possible please list the methods it uses to provide good customer satisfaction.

When you have purchased a product or service from Stoke Web Services how would you rate the after purchase service (e.g. warranty, repair or customer service provided)?

Would / have you ever recommended Stoke Web Services products or services to another client / customer / employee / employer?
NeverOnceTwiceThree timesMore than four times

Thank you for taking the time to answer this questionnaire.