Cookies and data protection

mmm .. cookies

Cookies are small, simple text files of letters and numbers that can be put on your computer when visiting a web site.

You can block cookies by changing some of the setting in your browsers options,  which will refuse the setting of all or some cookies in that browser. However, if you block all cookies, you may not be able to access all, or parts of some web sites, such as shopping carts. The default for most browsers is to allow cookies.

We only use one cookie on our website and this is only for the purpose of how you came to be here and which pages you visit whilst you are here. The cookies name is ‘power_stats_tracking_code’.

Please visit to find out more about cookies.

Data protection & GDPR

None of the infromation inputted on the ‘Contact us’ page is stored, collected or harvested for any purpose at all. We hate spam too and any emails sent to you by us shall be for a good reason!

For a more exhaustive explanation of the new GDPR rules please visit our ‘Data Usage & Privacy Policy‘ page.