New business, new web page

Stoke Web Services is aimed at helping the small to medium sized business with a web site design, the web site building and the hosting of the complete website to maximise your earning potential from the internet, and to also offer to maintain any of your current web pages for you for a low cost but not low quality, cheap and affordable option to employing 'in-house' website builders, website designers or website mangers.

Why do I need a website ?

Having your own website is your advertisement to the world about your business and the goods and or services that you can offer. You can easily provide contact information on a single web page or on the complete website so that they always have your phone number or email address available, even a map and instructions in how to reach you.

I just need site management

We are also happy to offer website management services if you already have a web site on a host and simply need some adjustments or updates to your current webpage or website's design or content. We can add, change or remove any text, graphics, links or indeed whole pages from your current web pages. We can also help with maintenance of your whole web site, so that your website is always current and up to date with your products and or services that you offer.