A basic web site is a great way for you to show details of your small business with or without a limited number of photographs and with your contact details and how to find you. This is an ideal way to get your own internet presence for a budget price. As a general rule of thumb, a starting website could be as cheap as just £115 p.a. (for a domain name and the medium web site hosting package without an SSL) plus the coding time to create the site itself. As every customer’s needs and content (pictures and text) are different, the time taken to put all of the content into your new site is a very unique variable. Often 10 to 15 hours (£200 – £300) is sufficient but be aware that this can easily grow to double these figures with changes and tweaks to the pages or content if the initial build is not clearly specified.

If you are interested self creation and maintenance, using WordPress is a simple way to go. With the high number of tutorials and themes you could do it all yourself. If this seems too daunting then our help is available at the normal hourly rate.

Having your own web-site can be a very cost effective marketing tool. It’s accessible from around the world by anyone with a computer 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It provides a source of information about you and your business that can be updated easily. Having more pages has the obvious advantage of more space for advertising your business and goods to your potential customers. Keeping your targeted goods or information ‘above the fold’ has the advantage of the visitor to your site viewing the information that they wanted without having to search for it. Such a simple strategy can be the difference between a new customer and the visitor ‘clicking away’ from your site.

Domain hosting costs

We can park your domain onto a hosting plan for your website or simply for email hosting if you require just a unique email address starting from as low a price of only £85 per year, equivalent to less than £1.65 per week.


£85 per annum
Webspace: 200MB
Bandwidth: 1 GB
Emails: 2 accounts
FTP: 2 accounts
php enabled: Yes
SQL database:1
Subdomains: 1
Addon domains: No
WordPress ready!

£135 per annum
Webspace: 400MB
Bandwidth: 2 GB
Emails: 4 accounts
FTP: 3 accounts
php enabled: Yes
SQL database:2
Subdomains: 2
Addon domains: 1
WordPress ready!
Extra Large

£195 per annum
Webspace: 800MB
Bandwidth: 4 GB
Emails: 6 accounts
FTP: 4 accounts
php enabled: Yes
SQL database:3
Subdomains: 3
Addon domains: 2
WordPress ready!

Mega Bandwidth

£325 per annum
Webspace: 5 GB
Bandwidth: 10 GB
Emails: 6 accounts
FTP: 4 accounts
php enabled: Yes
SQL database:3
Subdomains: 3
Addon domains: 2
WordPress ready!

Mega Storage

£325 per annum
Webspace: 10GB
Bandwidth: 5 GB
Emails: 6 accounts
FTP: 4 accounts
php enabled: Yes
SQL database:3
Subdomains: 3
Addon domains: 2
WordPress ready!

Secure server lock (HTTPS)

Stoke Web Services can make your site on a secure server ( so your website displays a padlock. This security is getting to be more of a standard but is really only necessary if you are intending to pass any details between the customer and yourselves, where it then becomes a must have to keep your customers details secure and to keep the trust with yourselves from them.

To have your site on a secure server can be as little as just £30 per year for Semi-Dedicated IP SSL encryption. This price is in addition to the hosting prices listed above. This is not on a pro rata basis and the full amount would be payable at any time through the hosting period. The renewal dates for your hosting package will remain the same.

If you are adding the https certificate to your site after its creation then there would be a short chargeable time needed to be added in order to make the necessary changes to your site to utilise the new security certificate to avoid error messages for example, with mixed content where a picture may not have the new correct https address. This problem would cause the mixed content warning to show on the address bar and because of this your site wouldn’t be considered fully secure.

Need a bit more for your site?

If your hosting package is too limited but you do not wish to upgrade to a larger package you can add extras to your account pro rata for the remainder of that years hosting.

Email: extra email accounts can be added for £5 per month per address. This also adds 50MB of storage space for the new email account.

Webspace: multiples of 100MB can be added to your storage for £10 per month each.

Bandwidth: multiples of 500MB can be added for extra traffic at £10 per month.

Addon domains: each addon domain name can be purchased at £5 per month per domain.

There are no extra charges to implement these upgrade additions, just the cost of the remaining months or part of at the new rate is payable. These extra charges will also be added as part of the renewal process when due unless a different package is chosen.

Please get in touch with any queries or for a quote.

Design of your site

We will design your site template for you with your own branding in mind to keep your presence the same, or from a blank starting point. This generally costs £200 to £300 but again the more intricate your design, the longer it will take to create. Once you are happy with the template build for your webpage or website then we charge at the constant rate of £20.00 per hour or part thereof for the inclusion of any content, graphics adjustment in readiness for the web and any additional pages based on the template. Any estimate for time is intended for illustration purposes and is not an exact quotation. The actual fees charged will depend upon actual work done. However, the fee is not likely to vary significantly from this estimate and should a significant variation arise every reasonable attempt shall be made to obtain consent for the additional fees.

Additions, upkeep, maintenance and site management

Any updates, changes or maintenance are charged at an hourly rate (or part thereof) currently set at £20.00. This charge also applies to any extra work that the additions may require, for example the web optimisation of graphics additions and if needed, any time taken in need to fully understanding your sites build and logic in relation to the management of your page(s) caused by following another webmasters build structure.

Domain name costs

We can register your chosen domain names as long as they are available for registration.

£30.00 per year


£40.00 per year

  • .com
  • .net
  • .info

Many other extensions for domain names are also available; please enquire for a price and an availability check.

Please note:
  • All domain name costs and hosting costs (new or renewal) have to be paid in advance without exception.
  • All prices stated on all pages of this website are subject to change without notice at any time. Whilst every attempt is made to ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date, all pricing should be seen as a guide until a firm price has been agreed via email.
  • Custom template costs have to be paid 50% of the estimate in advance of works starting with the remaining 50% payable after the design has been signed off.
  • Any and all time costs (inclusion of content, graphics adjustments, changes to content, etc) will be charged for on a Monday to Sunday basis for the working week and will be invoiced for at the end of each week.
  • Any training (example: for using a WordPress installation) either physically in person, remotely via remote connection software or via telephone conversation by ourselves is charged for at the normal hourly rate as stated above.
Late Renewals
  • In the event of a hosting package lapsing and then you wishing it to be reinstated, this will incur a flat fee of £100 to be added onto the costing of the new hosting package at the prices shown above. This must be done within one calendar month of expiry as all files will be permanently deleted after this point and so, unrecoverable.
    No changes will be made to the site at this point and it will be reinstated as it was at the point of the lapsing. Any changes required will be completed afterwards and charged for separately at the normal rate.
    This new higher payment has to be cleared funds before the recovery process can begin without exception.
  • In the event of a domain name lapsing and then you wishing it to be reinstated, this will incur a flat fee of £150 per domain name to be added onto the costing of the domain name(s) normal renewal as listed above. This must be done within one calendar month of expiry as the name will then be unavailable for registration by anyone including yourself for an extended period due to the normal processes involved in domain name management.
    This new higher payment has to be cleared funds before the registration process can begin without exception.

Simply contact us with your details and we will be happy to help.